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acceptable quality 合格质量
acceptance lot 验收批量
aciera 钢材
admixture 外加剂
against slip coefficient between friction surface of high-strength bolted
connection 高强度螺栓摩擦面抗滑移系数
aggregate 骨料
air content 含气量
air-dried timber 气干材
allowable ratio of height to sectional thickness of masonry wall or
column 砌体墙、柱容许高厚比
allowable slenderness ratio of steel member 钢构件容许长细比
allowable slenderness ratio of timber compression member 受压木构件容许长细比
allowable stress range of fatigue 疲劳容许应力幅
allowable ultimate tensile strain of reinforcement 钢筋拉应变限值
allowable value of crack width 裂缝宽度容许值
allowable value of deflection of structural member 构件挠度容许值
allowable value of deflection of timber bending member 受弯木构件挠度容许值
allowable value of deformation of steel member 钢构件变形容许值
allowable value of deformation of structural member 构件变形容许值
allowable value of drift angle of earthquake resistant structure
amplified coefficient of eccentricity 偏心距增大系数
anchorage 锚具
anchorage length of steel bar 钢筋锚固长度
approval analysis during construction stage 施工阶段验算
arch 拱
arch with tie rod 拉捍拱
arch—shaped roof truss 拱形屋架
area of shear plane 剪面面积
area of transformed section 换算截面面积
aseismic design 建筑抗震设计
assembled monolithic concrete structure 装配整体式混凝土结构
automatic welding 自动焊接
auxiliary steel bar 架立钢筋
backfilling plate 垫板
balanced depth of compression zone 界限受压区高度
balanced eccentricity 界限偏心距
bar splice 钢筋接头
bark pocket 夹皮
batten plate 缀板
beam 次梁
bearing plane of notch 齿承压面
bearing plate 支承
bearing stiffener 支承加劲
bent-up steel bar 弯起钢
block 砌块
block masonry 砌块砌体
block masonry structure 砌块砌体结构
blow hole 气孔
board 板材
bolt 螺栓
bolted connection (钢结螺栓连接
bolted joint (木结螺栓连接
bolted steel structure 螺栓连接钢结构
bonded prestressed concrete structure 有粘结预应力混凝土结构
bow 顺弯
brake member 制动构件
breadth of wall between windows 窗间墙宽度
brick masonry 砖砌体
brick masonry column 砖砌体柱
brick masonry structure 砖砌体结构
brick masonry wall 砖砌体墙
broad—leaved wood 阔叶树材
building structural materials 建筑结构材料
building structural unit 建筑结构单元
building structure 建筑结构
built—up steel column 格构式钢柱(51
bundled tube structure 成束筒结构
burn—through 烧穿
butt connection 对接
butt joint 对接
butt weld 对接焊缝
calculating area of compression member 受压构件计算面积
calculating overturning point 计算倾覆点
calculation of load-carrying capacity of member 构件承载能力计算
camber of structural member 结构构件起
cantilever beam 挑梁
cap of reinforced concrete column 钢筋混凝土柱帽
carbonation of concrete 混凝土碳化
cast-in—situ concrete slab column structure 现浇板柱结构
cast-in—situ concrete structure 现浇混凝土结构
cavitation 孔洞
cavity wall 空斗墙
cement 水泥
cement content 水泥含量
cement mortar 水泥砂浆
characteristic value of live load on floor or roof 楼面、屋面活荷载标准值
characteristic value of wind load 风荷载标准值
characteristic value of concrete compressive strength混凝土轴心抗压强度标准值
characteristic value of concrete tensile strength 混凝土轴心抗拉标准值
characteristic value of cubic concrete compressive strength混凝土立方体抗压强度标准值
characteristic value of earthquake action 地震作用标准值
characteristic value of horizontal crane load 吊车水平荷载标准值
characteristic value of masonry strength 砌体强度标准值
characteristic value of permanent action• 永久作用标准值
characteristic value of snow load 雪荷载标准值
characteristic value of strength of steel 钢材强度标准值
characteristic value of strength of steel bar 钢筋强度标准值
characteristic value of uniformly distributed live load均布活标载标准值
characteristic value of variable action 可变作用标准值
characteristic value of vertical crane load 吊车竖向荷载标准值
characteristic value of material strength 材料强度标准值
checking section of log structural member•, 原木构件计算截面
chimney 烟囱
circular double—layer suspended cable 圆形双层悬索
circular single—layer suspended cable 圆形单层悬索
circumferential weld 环形焊缝
classification for earthquake—resistance of buildings• 建筑结构抗震设防类别
clear height 净高
clincher 扒钉
coefficient of equivalent bending moment of eccentrically loaded
steel member (beam-column) 钢压弯构件等效弯矩系数
cold bend inspection of steel bar 冷弯试验
cold drawn bar 冷拉钢筋
cold drawn wire 冷拉钢丝
cold—formed thin—walled section steel 冷弯薄壁型
cold-formed thin-walled steel structure• 冷弯薄壁型钢结构
cold—rolled deformed bar 冷轧带肋钢筋
column bracing 柱间支撑
combination value of live load on floor or roof 楼面、屋面活荷载组合值
compaction 密实度
compliance control 合格控制
composite brick masonry member 组合砖砌体构件
composite floor system 组合楼盖
composite floor with profiled steel sheet 压型钢板楼板
composite mortar 混合砂浆
composite roof truss 组合屋架
composite member 组合构件
compound stirrup 复合箍筋
compression member with large eccentricity• 大偏心受压构件
compression member with small eccentricity• 小偏心受压构件
compressive strength at an angle with slope of grain 斜纹承压强度
compressive strength perpendicular to grain 横纹承压强度
concentration of plastic deformation 塑性变形集中
conceptual earthquake—resistant design 建筑抗震概念设计
concrete 混凝土
concrete column 混凝土柱
concrete consistence 混凝土稠度
concrete folded—plate structure 混凝土折板结构
concrete foundation 混凝土基础
concrete mix ratio 混凝土配合比
concrete wall 混凝土墙
concrete-filled steel tubular member 钢管混凝土构件
conifer 针叶树材
coniferous wood 针叶树材
connecting plate 连接
connection 连接
connections of steel structure 钢结构连接
connections of timber structure 木结构连接
consistency of mortar 砂浆稠度
constant cross—section column 等截面柱
construction and examination concentrated load 施工和检修集中荷载
continuous weld 连续焊缝
core area of section 截面核芯面积
core tube supported structure 核心筒悬挂结构
corrosion of steel bar 钢筋锈蚀
coupled wall 连肢墙
coupler 连接器
coupling wall—beam 连梁
coupling wall—column… 墙肢
coursing degree of mortar 砂浆分层度
cover plate 盖
covered electrode 焊条
crack 裂缝
crack resistance 抗裂度
crack width 裂缝宽度
crane girder 吊车梁
crane load 吊车荷载
creep of concrete 混凝土徐变
crook 横弯
cross beam 井字梁
cup 翘弯
curved support 弧形支座
cylindrical brick arch 砖筒拱
decay 腐朽decay prevention of timber structure 木结构防腐
defect in timber 木材缺陷
deformation analysis 变形验算
degree of gravity vertical for structure or structural member•
degree of gravity vertical for wall surface 墙面垂直度
degree of plainness for structural member 构件平整度
degree of plainness for wall surface 墙面平整度
depth of compression zone 受压区高度
depth of neutral axis 中和轴高度
depth of notch 齿深
design of building structures 建筑结构设计
design value of earthquake-resistant strength of materials
design value of load—carrying capacity of members• 构件承载能力设计值
designations 0f steel 钢材牌号
design value of material strength 材料强度设计值
destructive test 破损试验
detailing reinforcement 构造配筋
detailing requirements 构造要求
diamonding 菱形变形
diaphragm 横隔板
dimensional errors 尺寸偏差
distribution factor of snow pressure 屋面积雪分布系数
dogspike 扒钉
double component concrete column 双肢柱dowelled joint 销连接
down-stayed composite beam 下撑式组合粱
ductile frame 延性框架
dynamic design 动态设计
earthquake-resistant design 抗震设计
earthquake-resistant detailing requirements 抗震构造要
effective area of fillet weld 角焊缝有效面积
effective depth of section 截面有效高度
effective diameter of bolt or high-strength bolt•
effective height 计算高度
effective length 计算长度
effective length of fillet weld 角焊缝有效计算长度
effective length of nail 钉有效长度
effective span 计算跨度
effective supporting length at end of beam 梁端有效支承长度
effective thickness of fillet weld 角焊缝有效厚度
elastic analysis scheme 弹性方案
elastic foundation beam 弹性地基梁
elastic foundation plate 弹性地基板
elastically supported continuous girder• 弹性支座连续梁
elasticity modulus of materials 材料弹性模量
elongation rate 伸长率
embedded parts 预埋件
enhanced coefficient of local bearing strength of materials•
entrapped air 含气量
equilibrium moisture content 平衡含水率
equivalent slenderness ratio 换算长细比
equivalent uniformly distributed live load• 等效均布活荷载
effective cross—section area of high-strength bolt• 高强度螺栓的有效截面积
effective cross—section area of bolt 螺栓有效截面面积
euler’s critical load 欧拉临界力
euler’s critical stress 欧拉临界应力
excessive penetration 塌陷
fiber concrete 纤维混凝仁
filler plate 填板门
fillet weld 角焊缝
final setting time 终凝时间
finger joint 指接
fired common brick 烧结普通砖
fish eye 白点
fish—belly beam 角腹式梁
fissure 裂缝
flexible connection 柔性连
flexural rigidity of section 截面弯曲刚度
flexural stiffness of member 构件抗弯刚度
floor plate 楼板
floor system 楼盖
four sides edge supported plate 四边支承板
frame structure 框架结构
frame tube structure 单框筒结构
frame tube structure 框架—简体结构
frame with sidesway 有侧移框架
frame without sidesway 无侧移框架
flange plate 翼缘
friction coefficient of masonry 砌体摩擦系数
full degree of mortar at bed joint 砂浆饱满度
function of acceptance 验收函数

gang nail plate joint 钉板连接
glue used for structural timber 木结构用胶
glued joint 胶合接头
glued laminated timber 层板胶合木
glued laminated timber structure 层板胶合结构
girder 主梁
grip 夹具
girth weld 环形焊
groove 坡口
gusset plate 节点
hanger 吊环
hanging steel bar 吊筋
heartwood 心材
heat tempering bar 热处理钢筋
height variation factor of wind pressure 风压高度变化系数
helical weld 螺旋形僻缝
high—strength bolt 高强度螺栓
high—strength bolt with large hexagon head 大六角头高强度螺栓
high—strength bolted bearing type join 承压型高强度螺栓连接,
high—strength bolted connection 高强度螺栓连接
high—strength bolted friction—type joint 摩擦型高强度螺栓连接
high—strength bolted steel structure 高强螺栓连接钢结构
hinge support 铰轴支座
hinged connection 铰接
hingeless arch 无铰拱
hollow brick 空心砖
hollow ratio of masonry unit 块体空心率
honeycomb 蜂窝
hook 弯钩
hoop 箍筋
hot—rolled deformed bar 热轧带肋钢筋
hot—rolled plain bar 热轧光圆钢筋
hot-rolled section steel 热轧型
hunched beam 加腋梁
impact toughness 冲击韧性
impermeability 抗渗性
inclined section 斜截面
inclined stirrup 斜向箍筋
incomplete penetration 未焊透
incomplete tusion 未溶合
incompletely filled groove 未焊满
indented wire 刻痕钢丝
influence coefficient for load—bearing capacity of compression
member 受压构件承载能力影响系数
influence coefficient for spacial action 空间性能影响系数
initial control 初步控
insect prevention of timber structure 木结构防虫
inspection for properties of glue used in structural member
结构用胶性能检验inspection for properties of masonry units 块体性能检验
inspection for properties of mortar 砂浆性能检验
inspection for properties of steelbar 钢筋性能检验
integral prefabricated prestressed concrete slab—column structure
intermediate stiffener 中间加劲
intermittent weld 断续焊缝
joint of reinforcement 钢筋接
key joint 键连接
kinetic design 动态设计
knot 节子


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