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porter 搬运工人

ticket inspector 查票员

ticket 车票

single ticket, oneway ticket 单程票

return ticket, roundtrip ticket 来回票

platform ticket 站台票

railway station 车站

station hall 车站大厅

information desk 服务台

waiting room 候车室

passenger station 客车站

time-table 时刻表

arrival time-table 到站时刻表

departure time-table 发车时刻表

ticket-collector, gateman 收票员

ticket office, booking office 售票处

junction 枢纽站

rail and water terminal 水陆联运站

platform bridge 天桥

luggage barrow 推行李车

enquiry office, information desk 问讯处

way station 小站

label 行李标签

luggage office 行李房

left-luggage office 行李暂存处

platform-ticket 验票口

barrier 栅栏门

platform 站台

(electric) platform truck 站台车

platform tunnel 站台地道

platform roofing 站台顶棚

station-master 站长

terminal; terminus 终点站

escalator 自动扶梯

The train leaves the station at…, The train is due out at… 火车在(某时)离站

to have one’s ticket punched (给检票员)检票

10 minutes behind schedule 晚点十分钟

to change trains at … 在(某地)换车

The train is due at … 在(某时)到达

to break the journey 中途下车


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