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Five agencies, including the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Health and Family Planning Commission, jointly issued the notice that aims to bring stronger punishment for violent crimes involving medical disputes and maintain the order of medical practice.



“涉医犯罪行为”即crimes involving medical disputes,也就是涉及医疗纠纷的犯罪行为,具体包括在医疗机构内殴打或故意杀害、伤害医务人员,故意损毁公私财物(attack, injure or even kill medical staff and damage property);扰乱医疗秩序(disturb the order of medical practice);非法限制医务人员人身自由(illegally restricting personal freedom of medical staff);采取暴力或其他方法公然侮辱、恐吓医务人员(insult or threat medical staff);非法携带枪支、弹药、管制器具或爆炸性、放射性、毒害性、腐蚀性等物品进入医疗机构(carry weapons such as guns, explosives or toxic or radioactive materials with the intention of harming medical staff);故意扩大事态,教唆他人实施针对医疗机构或医务人员的违法犯罪行为(solicit others to commit crimes against medical staff in order to draw more attention)。

近期频发的袭医事件(attacks on medical workers)引发公众和有关部门对于医务人员及医院安全问题的讨论。有人认为,要彻底改善医患关系,需要进一步加快医疗体制改革(patient-doctor relationships),改进医保体制(improving medical insurance system)等。


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