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英语中的常见错误 你有犯过吗?

Incorrect: Let me help you to do your work.
Correct: Let me help you with your work.

2. 我建议你去休个长假。
Incorrect: I recommend you to take a long vacation.
Correct: I recommend that you take a long vacation.

3. 过来。
Incorrect: Come to here.
Correct: Come here.

4. 太阳从东方升起。
Incorrect: The sun rises from the East.
Correct: The sun rises in the East.

5. 小偷是从窗户爬进来的。
Incorrect: The thief got in from the window.
Correct: The thief got in through the window.

6. 让我们从第10页开始。
Incorrect: Let’s begin from page 10.
Correct: Let’s begin at(on) page 10.

7. 我耐心有限。
Incorrect: There is a limit in my patience.
Correct: There is a limit to my patience.

8. 请在白线内等待。
Incorrect: Please wait inside the white line.
Correct: Please wait behind the white line.

9. 你家房子买了火险吗?
Incorrect: Is your house insured for fire?
Correct: Is your house insured against fire?

10. 我没地方住。
Incorrect: I have no house to live.
Correct: I have no house to live in.

11. 脸好脏!照照镜子。
Incorrect: What a dirty face! Look at the mirror.
Correct: What a dirty face! Look in the mirror.

12. 这是我房间门钥匙。
Incorrect: This is the key of my room.
Correct: This is the key to my room.

13. 我准备去上一个为期两年的英语课程。
Incorrect: I am going to take a two-year course of English.
Correct: I am going to take a two-year course in English.

14. 末班车11点开,现在已经快11点了,赶紧的!
Incorrect: The last bus leaves at eleven o’clock. It’s about eleven now, Hurry!
Correct: The last bus leaves at eleven o’clock. It’s nearly (almost) eleven now, Hurry!

15. 把手从电线末端挪开。
Incorrect: Leave your hand from the end of the wire.
Correct: Let go of the end of the wire.

16. 靠右走。
Incorrect: Keep the right.
Correct: Keep to the right.

17. 不关你的事。
Incorrect: It is not of only your business.
Correct: It is none of your business.


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